EternalEyes Permanent Makeup


Here are some before and after shots taken to show how each procedure can make a world of difference. Notice how each procedure gives you more of a solid and finished look without having to apply any makeup at all! Each procedure is catered to each individual persons tastes and styles which gives you limitless possibilities for your permanent makeup!

Eyebrows are what frame out your entire face and can make the most dramatic difference. I put the eyebrows on hair stroke by hair stroke to give the most natural look possible. You want it to look like hair, not like you were colored in like a coloring book. Also, the eyebrow procedure can take up to 10 years off your face without surgery!  

The eyeliner will not only help bring out the color of your eyes but will save you tons of time in the morning! No more wondering if your liner is even or if its going to run off during the day. I go right along your lash line giving you a natural looking liner and can even bring it up for a more dramatic look!

Lip Liner-
Are you sick of having to constantly apply lip stick every hour during the day? Do your lips lack definition? Do you want your lips to look a little fuller? If you answered "yes" to these questions then this is the procedure for you! I can make your lips look fuller and more vibrant using natural colors or even a light pink to accentuate your cupids bow (the center of your top lip) and make the bottom lip look more pouty. 

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